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The 5 Habits of Prayerful People

The 5 Habits of Prayerful People
Publication date: 2019-04-05
Number of pages: 160
ISBN: 9781594718793
What if prayer could become one of the most rewarding and meaningful aspects of your whole life? What if you could use the skills productive people use to help you pray? Michael St. Pierre, executive director of the Catholic Campus Ministry Association and a productivity expert, shares five habits that you can use to help you gain confidence in your prayer and strengthen your relationship with God. Catholics are taught that prayer is necessary to live their faith, but many sincere Mass-goers find it almost impossible to pray consistently. They know that prayer is at the core of a relationship with God, but many still don’t have a clue about how to go about integrating prayer into their everyday lives. As a result, their confidence level related to prayer is low. St. Pierre began his own journey to prayer as a young adult, stumbling through the Rosary with uncertainty and frustration. Only when he decided to show up and do his best did he begin to build a consistent habit of prayer. After he started studying human productivity, he realized that some of the same principles could apply to the spiritual life. In his first book, The 5 Habits of Prayerful People, St. Pierre shares his unique and practical approach that will teach you how make prayer part of your everyday life. You will learn how to cultivate the habits of: passion and pursuit presence preparation and planning persistence and perseverance pondering Written in the tone and style of a popular business book, St. Pierre shares inspirational success and instructional failure as he helps readers to stop procrastinating and unlock the doors to a fruitful conversation with God. Related Products Opening to God Opening to God Thomas H. Green, S.J. $13.95 Paths to Prayer Paths to Prayer Pat Fosarelli, MD $11.95 Arriving at Amen Arriving at Amen Leah Libresco $16.95 Twelve Little Ways to Transform Your Heart Twelve Little Ways to Transform Your Heart Susan Muto $14.95 Lift Up Your Heart Lift Up Your Heart John Burns $13.95 Be Not Troubled Be Not Troubled Jeffrey Kirby $12.95