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Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

A sequel to Word of Mouth by Janet Lees The purpose of the gospel is to change things and the change it offers is from death to life. Many people will be familiar with the gospel in written form but not everyone uses written versions of the gospel all of the time. Alongside the written Bible, ordinary people often use oral or remembered versions. This book is about the why, how, when, where and what of remembering the gospel. Altogether it presents a companion to remembering the One - Jesus, the Life Giver - whose gospel it is. Tell Me the Stories of Jesus is based on work done with many groups of different sizes and ages and cultures. The examples are set out here to encourage other groups to 'just go for it': remember and by remembering share life and build community. This companion to the remembered gospel aims to encourage and support those who want to work with this process with ordinary people in any place. Janet Lees, a speech therapist and an ordained minister of the United Reformed Church, has been developing the remembered Bible method for over 15 years, with ordinary people of all ages and abilities in Yorkshire and around the UK.Janet Lees
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