Teachers of a Nation: Jesuits in English Canada (EBOOK VERSION)

by Joseph Gavin, SJ , Jacques Monet, SJ

Teachers of a Nation: Jesuits in English Canada (EBOOK VERSION)
Publication date: 2015-03-01
ISBN: 9782896881260

A captivating account of the Jesuits’ impact on education in English Canada. 

Teachers of a Nation is the first volume in a two-volume series about the Jesuits in English Canada. Their history is dramatic, with political maneuvering, enduring hardship and struggle and forging lifelong friendships. 

Written by a notable Jesuit scholar, Teachers of a Nation is a complete reference guide to that history. The volume focuses on the Jesuits’ role in education in Canada. The Jesuits have made vital contributions to academic excellence, founding institutions and nurturing young minds across generations. 

Intensively researched and deeply thought-provoking, Teachers of a Nation is a fundamental resource on the Jesuit order. 

Joseph Gavin, SJ is the Superior of the Ottawa Jesuit Community.

Jacques Monet, sj is the Executive Editor for the Jesuit History Series and the director of the Canadian Institute of Jesuit Studies.


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