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Stepping into Mystery: A Guide to Discernment

Stepping into Mystery: A Guide to Discernment

Stepping Into Mystery is ideal for anyone seeking a deeper spirituality. Williams divides the journey and the book into four sections to guide the reader:
The Path of Contemplation: where the journey must begin pushing through fear to clarity and beyond.
Being Rooted, Being Attentive: layering principles of Zen Buddhism and translating them into a Christian context, where awareness is further developed.
The Rules of Discernment: use the Ignatian way to assist in making good decisions that will enable the reader to draw closer to God.
Redeeming the Time: moving beyond modern-day self-absorption to a more outward-looking approach.
Building on his past writing, Williams provides a clear, if challenging, path to understanding the questions that will guide readers thoughts and actions as they look to build a spiritual life.Monty Williams, SJ
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