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Stations of the Cross According to Saint Paul

by Ronald D. Witherup , Ronald D., SS Witherup

Stations of the Cross According to Saint Paul
Publication date: 2008-09-01
Number of pages: 33
ISBN: 9780809145744
Inspired by Pope Benedict XVI's declaration of the year of St. Paul, Ronald Witherup has written a devotional book that will assist contemporary readers in reflecting on the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus in the context of St. Paul. Because of Paul's intense understanding of the cross of Jesus Christ, those who open themselves up to the work of the Holy Spirit, this exercise will lead readers both to spiritual richness and to a worthy reflection on certain parts of Paul's letters that help us comprehend the power of the cross. The author shows readers the way in a concise, elegant manner, to a more multi-faceted application of Scripture than they may have experienced. His unique combination of images, scriptural quotations, prayers, and reflections will help them to experience the joy of this ancient prayer tradition and, in the process, rediscover a side of St. Paul the Apostle that they may have forgotten or have never known.Ronald D. Witherup, Ronald D., SS Witherup