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Spiritual Companions

Spiritual Companions

Catholics can be deeply enriched by learning about the spiritual journeys of those on a different path. In fact, author Padraic O'Hare believes that in becoming spiritual companions with those in other traditions we deepen our own faith.

A veteran of Jewish-Christian dialogue, O'Hare sees the relationship between Jews and Christians as an ideal example of interreligious dialogue. He recognizes the theological and biblical issues that sets these religiouns apart, yet he believes that in encountering the deeply held beliefs and experiences of the Jewish faith, Catholics can renew and enliven their religious lives.

Following an in-depth look at both traditions in the light of insights born of dialogue, O'Hare emphasizes the centrality of contemplative prayer. He shows with rare eloquence and reverence that the new way into the "holy of holies" is through the prayerful encounter of believers who approach the mystery of God differently, but recognize together the one God.Padraic O'Hare

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