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Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds

Our faith journey is one of wonder, awe, and willingness to learn and grow. Kindergarten students excel at all three attitudes! Sowing Seeds, written by an experienced teacher and religious education coordinator, offers you ways to engage your students and nurture their faith as they explore a range of themes and make connections with their everyday lives. Each concept in this resource has two central provocations: • an image and a scripture passage, and • some ideas for further explorations, including a read-aloud possibility.

“I love this resource. It is bright, provocative and useful. I love how it shows that religion can be in every part of the day without having to stop to look at a prayer centre or bringing out the religion textbooks or imposing boundaries of any kind. It is an excellent way for teachers to see how to incorporate religious themes into all of the learning in the classroom.”—Mary Cunningham, Retired Superintendent, Kenora Catholic District School Board

Mariette Martineau
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