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Soul and the City: Finding God in the Noise and Frenzy of Life

by Marcy Heidish

Soul and the City: Finding God in the Noise and Frenzy of Life
Publication date: 2010-04-22
Number of pages: 240
ISBN: 9781400074365
Your City Guide to God

Beneath the relentless rhythms of city life beats the heart of God, and award-winning author Marcy Heidish takes you into a more intimate relationship with him in the midst of crowds, chaos, and concrete. Her experiences from a curb in Brooklyn, the bay in San Francisco, a rooftop of Chartres Cathedaral in Paris, and the busy halls of Washington, D.C., help you see the city in a new light. She turns common city distractions, annoyances, and challenges into spiritual invitations or “gateways” to a new kind of contemplation where:

•screaming sirens become cues to silent intercession,
•skyscrapers, like spires, pull your eyes and thoughts heavenward,
•and red traffic lights work as “pause” buttons that call for you to stop and pray.

“In the city there is grit,” Marcy writes. And grime and garbage. But her practical tools in every chapter for reflection, discussion, and application help you see–whether you’re visiting, working, or dwelling in Philadelphia or Phoenix, New York or Los Angeles, Seattle or Syracuse–that in the city there is also grace.

From the Trade Paperback edition.Marcy Heidish