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Soul and Self: Parallels Between Spiritual and Psychological Growth

by Paul K. Fehrenbach

Soul and Self: Parallels Between Spiritual and Psychological Growth
Publication date: 2006-11-01
ISBN: 9780809144235
"Soul and Self" traces the parallels between psychological and spiritual development over the course of a man's lifetime. It demonstrates the common interest of psychology and religion in the "self" or "soul" and addresses the central question of how we can become more aware of our soul and benefit from its guidance. Each chapter traces the stages that are involved in this process. The first task requires managing guilt and learning the skill of non-judgmental reflection. When men become more in touch with their souls, lives are enriched and some experience a profound spiritual awakening. The book details the soul's different needs during childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, adulthood, and the later years. Recognizing different developmental stages helps men foster age appropriate growth in themselves and others. "Soul and Self" provides examples of the practical aspects of this process. The author reveals how St. Augustine's classic autobiographical text, "Confessions", is still relevant in describing how attentiveness to the soul can ultimately lead to spiritual awareness.Paul K. Fehrenbach