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Roots and Community 4-6

Roots and Community 4-6

Social studies is a dynamic and possibility-filled pathway to explore our heritage and identity and to re-engage with deeper understanding to the power of community in our lives as Catholics. Roots and Community: A Teacher’s Resource for Social Studies and Faith is grounded in the amazing wiring of humans to reach out and connect with others. It celebrates how we support and serve others and how we work to make the world an inclusive and equitable place for each person to live their God-given dignity to the full.

This engaging resource contains countless social studies learning ideas explored through a faith lens. The activities are connected to the curriculum, as best as possible, from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, the provinces with publicly funded Catholic schools.

The book is divided into two main sections:

Strand 1: Children of God – Roots (Heritage and Identity)

Strand 2: Children of God – Community (People and Environments)

This hands-on resource is simple to use and will launch solid conversations and explorations around faith and social studies with grades 4 to 5 students. By looking at early societies, how societies are structured, human dignity, kinship, voting, and much more, students will delve into social studies while learning how their faith shines a light on our connections to each other, to creation and to God.

Mariette Martineau
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