Signs of the Times

by Gregory Baum

Signs of the Times
Publication date: 2007-11-30
Number of pages: 288
ISBN: 9782895079071

Navigates readers through the signs of the times, wrestling with questions raised by religious pluralism and economic injustices.

In this two-part collection of recent essays, appearing in book form for the first time, Gregory Baum takes a critical look at the signs of the times. The result is a contextual theology that takes its historical location seriously and responds to the challenges addressed to it.

In the first section, Baum examines the Muslim-Christian dialogue after September 11, 2001, presenting the reader with a new generation of progressive Muslim intellectuals. He introduces a sociology of knowledge, exploring the dark side of religion and explaining why Christians reject the relativism of modernity.

In the second section, on economic injustice, Baum examines Christians' responses to another sign of the times: the globalization of the unregulated market system, and suggests that it forces us to re-evaluate what faith, hope, and love mean.

Gregory Baum is the author of numerous books and is professor emeritus of theology at McGill University in Montreal and the founder and editor emeritus of The Ecumenist.

Also by Gregory Baum: Religion and Alienation (2nd edition), Amazing Church.

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