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Seeds of the Word: Orthodox Thinking on Other Religions (Foundations)

by John Garvey

Seeds of the Word: Orthodox Thinking on Other Religions (Foundations)
Publication date: 2006-04-05
Number of pages: 130
ISBN: 9780881413007
How should Orthodox Christians regard non-Christian religions? To treat this question, John Garvey provides a concise introduction to great religious traditions, East and West, and goes on to explore how seeds of truth may be found in them, while upholding the Orthodox Church s claim as the unique repository of the Christian tradition and the ark of salvation. "This book offers a solid introduction to interfaith relations, in which encounters among diverse faiths offer both challenges to peaceful coexistence and opportunities for fruitful exchange." -Dr Antonios Kireopoulos, Associate General Secretary for International Affairs and Peace, NCCCJohn Garvey