School Liturgies Made Easy

by Lisa Freemantle , Carmela Caporiccio

School Liturgies Made Easy
Publication date: 2012-08-01
Number of pages: 80
ISBN: 9782896464081

A comprehensive guide to preparing Masses and Prayer Services suitable for elementary students.

Drawing from extensive experience preparing for school liturgies as teachers, the authors provide all the tools necessary for preparing for a Mass or a Prayer Service. This excellent resources describes the various parts of the Mass and gives practical, easy-to-use ideas for setting up for liturgy, selecting music and involving students, all for the purpose of creating meaningful liturgies.

School Liturgies Made Easy is the result of many years of preparing for school Masses, collaboration with leading clergy and educators, as well as thoughtful study and reflection. It is an outstanding and much needed resource for those entrusted with the education and faith formation of young people today.

Free Mass and Prayer Service planning guides available now!

Lisa Freemantle teaches elementary school in the York Catholic District School Board. She is co-author of Words for the Journey: Ten-Minute Prayer Services for Teachers and Administrators (Novalis, 2009), Words for the Journey for Kids: Ten-Minute Prayer Services for Schools (Novalis, 2010) and Words for the Journey for Teens: Ten-Minute Prayer Services for Schools (Novalis, 2011).

Carmela Caporiccio is a parent and teacher, having taught elementary school aged children for a number of years.

Printed version available

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