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River of Awareness (EBOOK VERSION)

River of Awareness (EBOOK VERSION)

Take a journey of self-discovery towards a deeper understanding of self, love and life.

The journey of self-discovery is like a river. The river is constantly changing— from still and calm to rushing and out of control, and everything in between. But always the river is there, winding through our lives, teaching us many lessons and offering us countless blessings.

River of Awareness asks the guiding question of how the heart is taught to love. Spiritual river guide Stephen Sims travels with the reader, exploring, teaching, listening and leading the reader to a deeper understanding of self, love and life.

“For this age of spiritual seeking, River of Awareness offers a treasure chest of insightful images and ideas, all around the master metaphor of the river, inexorably flowing on, and yet ultimately navigable to the contemplative canoeist that Sims aspires to become.” 
—Charles Taylor, Professor emeritus of Philosophy, McGill University

Stephen Sims is founder of the IASIS Foundation—the awareness project— facilitating interactive learning circles, vision quests, as well as addiction and spiritual support groups. Stephen also directs Peace Trek, an East-West school of compassion for young adults. He lives in Montreal.

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