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Remembering Why We Preach

Remembering Why We Preach

If your heart is on fire with God’s love, your preaching will help listeners encounter Christ and deepen their spiritual lives. And that should be the ultimate goal of a homily.

Remembering Why We Preach is a retreat that will help you revive your creative energy and spiritual focus. Karla Bellinger—executive director of the Institute for Homiletics at the University of Dallas—and Fr. Michael Connors, CSC—director of the John S. Marten Program in Homiletics and Liturgics at the University of Notre Dame—lead you through an eight-part process of spiritual renewal and skill development that will nourish and enrich you and your preaching for years to come.

Whether you are recently ordained or have been preaching for decades, you will explore the spiritual, pastoral, and communal aspects of preaching, which lies at the heart of the Church’s work of making disciples.

This book can be used as a personal or group retreat or in preaching courses It includes:

reading materials for personal reflection;
questions for journaling or peer-group discussions;
practical exercises to enhance skills such as listening to your people, storytelling, homily writing, and diversifying your speaking styles; and
support materials such as an outlines for a peer-group meeting, a sample retreat format, and forms for homily feedback and goal setting.

Links to additional resources are available in each chapter.

Karla J. Bellinger, Michael E. Connors
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