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Remember the Days of Old: Orthodox Thinking on the Patristic Heritage (Foundations)

by Augustine Casiday; , Augustine Casiday

Remember the Days of Old: Orthodox Thinking on the Patristic Heritage (Foundations)
Publication date: 2013-01-01
Number of pages: 198
ISBN: 9780881414912
The faith of the orthodox Christian is apostolic, in that it is continuous with the faith of the first century apostles. But to be truly apostolic it must be sent into the world, speaking to each new age. In this fresh and innovative work, Augustine Casiday shows us what it means to re-appropriate the wisdom of the Fathers and to give their words new life in a new age.

Beginning with the basic inquiry of what it means to accord the ancient writers authority as it were affiliating them, or adopting them as fathers the reader is invited to join on a journey to many new places, as well as to ones we thought we knew, but didn t really. This book will inform anyone who wants to grapple with how we treat the past and its authoritative voices. Beginners will encounter a first-rate thinker writing comprehensibly and accessibly. Advanced patristic scholars will be guaranteed to come away from this book with new insights and challenging arguments.Augustine Casiday;, Augustine Casiday

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