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Religions for Peace: A Call for Solidarity to the Religions of the World

by Francis Cardinal Arinze

Religions for Peace: A Call for Solidarity to the Religions of the World
Publication date: 2013-06-01
Number of pages: 166
ISBN: 9780824547004

Drawing on his vast experience and deep-seated Catholic faith, Francis Cardinal Arinze offers insights and ideas that give rise to a new, hopeful era of interreligious cooperation. Exploring the fundamental principles of several key religions, this chronicle pursues a singular message that emphasizes the fundamental requirement for peace—respect for God, respect for the human person. Referring to the exploding occurrences of sectarian-fueled violence in every country, leaders of all faiths are forced to answer hard questions about the role of religion in a world that is increasingly becoming a base for unrest and war. Addressing these challenges directly, this thoughtful study simplifies the myriad abstract questions blocking world peace, while validating each argument with real-world solutions—a refreshing reminder that people of all religious devotions can speak together in the name of common peace.Francis Cardinal Arinze


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