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Religion and Faith in Africa: Confessions of an Animist

Religion and Faith in Africa: Confessions of an Animist

Before his conversion to Christianity, A.E. Orobator was raised in the practice of traditional African Religion—animism. This repository of African religion, he maintains—at its heart “a deep belief in the livingness of creation”—is the soil in which both Christianity and Islam have taken root.

In this fascinating book based on the prestigious Duffy Lectures delivered at Boston College, Orobator examines the living interplay between African Religion, Christianity, and Islam in Africa. He argues that the religious experience and spiritual imagination of Africa offer wisdom capable of renewing the global community of believers. Among these gifts: a deep consciousness of transcendence in day-to-day living; reverence towards human and natural ecologies; and a holistic understanding of creation and shared responsibility of stewardship for the universe.

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