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Reimaging the Seven Deadly Sins

Reimaging the Seven Deadly Sins

“When Jesus said, ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself,” observes Jim Philipps, “the neighborhood wasn’t nearly as large and complex as it is today.” In fact, What does “love thy neighbor” mean in a world where we have the power to affect the lives of so many people whom we will never meet? How do we practice Christian discipleship in the modern world where the “neighborhood” has global dimensions? What happens to the poor in a society built on greed? As dangerous as the seven deadly sins are for individuals, says Philipps, we can’t ignore the tremendous effect sinful actions have on our society as a whole. And in this engaging and thought-provoking book, he uses conscience formation as a way to examine the teachings of the Church on issues of social justice and to reimagine the seven deadly sins within a communal context. A must-read for parish leaders, formation directors, and all Catholics committed to living the social teachings of the Church in daily life.James Philipps
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