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Redeeming the Past: My Journey from Freedom Fighter to Healer

by SSM;with Stephen Karakashian; Michael Lapsley , Michael Lapsley, Stephen Karakashian

Redeeming the Past: My Journey from Freedom Fighter to Healer
Publication date: 2013-08-15
Number of pages: 272
ISBN: 9781626980433
In 1990, Fr. Michael Lapsley, an Anglican priest active in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, opened a letter bomb that nearly killed him, Though he survived, the blast took both his hands and one of his eyes. This memoir tells the story of this horrendous event, beginning with the journey that led him there particularly his rising awareness of the radical demands of the gospel and his growing identification with the freedom struggle. But that was not the end of his inspiring journey. In post-apartheid South Africa, Fr. Lapsley saw a whole nation in need of healing. He discovered a new vocation: drawing on his own experience of trauma to promote the healing of others, in South Africa, and ultimately throughout the world.SSM;with Stephen Karakashian; Michael Lapsley, Michael Lapsley, Stephen Karakashian

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