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Redeeming Power

Redeeming Power

Catholic theologian Ann M. Garrido—author of the bestselling and award-winning book Redeeming Administration—continues her work on Christian leadership by examining power not as a manipulative force in short supply but as Jesus understood it: an abundant good meant to be shared and put to use for the sake of harmony and holiness.

In Redeeming Power, Garrido helps you develop a spirituality of power by considering the skills and personal qualities that will enable a healthy and holy use of power in your role as one who leads. Garrido explores key passages from the creation stories of Genesis where we find the roots of how Jesus understood power. She shows how God shares divine power with all humans and calls leaders to specific ways of exercising power that will benefit the people and institutions they serve.

Joining these biblical lessons to her personal experience, and with help from nearly forty interviews of leaders in nonprofit organizations, business, and the Church, Garrido offers insight and guidance into many of the challenges contemporary leaders face, including how to

set—and adapt as needed—healthy boundaries for yourself and within the institution or community you serve,
honor confidentiality while seeking to be transparent,
share power with others,
use one’s power on behalf of justice,
stay rooted in the everyday, hands-on work of those you serve, and
discern why and organize how you spend time and energy in order to bring balance to your life and work.

Garrido provides you with holy companions for your leadership journey, including Maria Montessori, Nicholas Black Elk, Benedict of Nursia, Kaloli Lwanga, Thea Bowman, Hildegard of Bingen, Mark Ji Tianxiang, Margaret of Scotland, and Jean Baptiste de La Salle.

Questions for self-reflection or group study are included at the end of each chapter and a companion discussion guide is available to download for free at

Ann M. Garrido
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