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Rebuilt Faith

Rebuilt Faith

Do you question whether God really exists? Have you considered walking away from your faith because you’ve been hurt by someone in the Church or because you struggle with some of its teachings? Or maybe you’ve already left? Are you carrying around guilt for something you’ve done and don’t feel you are worthy of God’s love?

Rebuilt Faith, written by Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran—authors of the bestselling book Rebuilt—proposes five simple steps to learn (or relearn) more about your Catholic faith and deepen your relationship with God.

In Rebuilt Faith, you will learn that rebuilding and renewing your faith starts with a nagging feeling that you want something more—more connectedness, more community, and more purpose. That’s the spark that leads to a flame that burns brightly around Jesus, the foundation of living and growing in faith.

The steps in Rebuilt Faith can be done in just ten minutes a day over forty days during your morning coffee, at lunchtime, or when you are relaxing in the evening. Each one includes a quotation from a saint, a reflection, questions to ponder, a prayer, and a scripture verse.

White and Corcoran organize the book around five steps that build on different aspects of Catholicism and are meant to be repeated:

serve—serve others and develop a servant’s heart;
give—giving reflects the character of God;
engage in Christian community—we need friends of faith to become more like Jesus;
practice prayer and the sacraments—by praying consistently and continually taking part in the sacraments, you will better connect with God; and
share your faith—having a heart for people who do not know Jesus and helping them in their faith journey will strengthen your own faith.

White and Corcoran have watched thousands of people in their parish in Timonium, Maryland, take these five steps and grow from seeing God primarily as an abstract idea into knowing him as a deeply loved partner who provides a far greater sense of purpose for living than they had ever known before.

Invest in yourself by taking your faith to the next level and allowing God to help you come to know his grace, favor, and loving kindness in a new and personal way. Not only will you strengthen your own connection to God but also the connection between him and the entire Body of Christ.

Michael White, Tom Corcoran
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