Radical Gratitude

by Mary Jo Leddy

Radical Gratitude
Publication date: 2002-09-01
ISBN: 9781570754487
From one of Canada's most courageous religious writers and social activists comes this invitation to imagine gratitude as the most radical attitude to living life. Gratitude bridges the gulf between our spiritual and material concerns. The dissatisfaction bred into us by advertising and consumerism is soul-destroying and dispiriting. Gratitude arises in that space where our deepest longings find the glass of life to be half-full rather than half-empty. By coming to appreciate the earthy things around us that give true joy, we open the path to greater authenticity and discover what is most real in ourselves. "I believe that at least once in our lives, perhaps once in a year, maybe even once a day, we are recalled to our true selves and to the meaning of our lives. Such revelations are given to each of us in generous recurrence. These invitations can be missed, denied, accepted or rejected - life impresses but it does not impose." Mary Jo Leddy is not a pop psychologist offering placebos. Her insights are garnered from her active life divided between university teaching and co-managing a 4-house refugee sanctuary in downtown Toronto. Her insights in this book are both accessible and authentic. Appreciating what we have been given provides more real satisfaction than endless cravings for more. What finer lesson to absorb and encourage this Thanksgiving or Christmas.
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