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Proclaiming in a New Season

Proclaiming in a New Season

An articulate and engaging guide to preaching for bishops, priests and deacons. With the revival of the homily as a model of Catholic preaching at the Second Vatican Council and the universal call for a new evangelization within the Church, homilists experience new challenges as they prepare for the Sunday liturgy Deacon Peter Lovrick, homiletics professor at St Augustines Seminary in Toronto, offers an insightful guide to Catholic preaching in the 21st century Thoroughly grounded in conciliar and papal teaching as well as the recent Homiletic Directory from the Congregation for Divine Worship, Proclaiming in a New Season articulates what the Church asks of its preachers, clarifies the marks of good preaching and presents concrete and practical homiletic methods Bishops, priests and deacons will welcome this engaging review and find it a useful guide for their own preachingPeter Lovrick
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