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Principled Ministry: A Guidebook for Catholic Church Leaders

Principled Ministry: A Guidebook for Catholic Church Leaders

Years of prominence in the promotion and development of effective Church leadership culminate in this latest book by Loughlan Sofield, S.T., and Carroll Juliano, S.H.C.J. More than a "how-to" leadership guide, this book offers real-life examples of principled ministers who are serving the Catholic Church and invites readers to incorporate these disciplines into their own leadership style.

Expanding their foundational work on collaborative ministry, these bestselling authors now offer thirty principles for effective, spiritually healthy, mission-focused ministry. Disciplines like set boundaries; facilitate, don't dominate; think developmentally; be comfortable with conflict; and avoid ambiguity are presented with real-world stories, compelling commentary, and follow-up exercises that reinforce and help the reader apply what has been learned.

Arranged into five chapters, the principles are explored in light of the best servant-leadership theory and praxis and situated within a variety of contexts and ministerial settings in the Catholic Church. An ancillary workbook, available for free download, helps both the apprentice and well-seasoned Church leader immediately apply the lessons and incorporate the disciplines presented in this eminently practical and vitally needed book.Loughlan Sofield;Carroll Juliano;, Loughlan Sofield, Carroll Juliano

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