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Preaching Better: Practical Suggestions for Homilists

Preaching Better: Practical Suggestions for Homilists

Most homilists could do better, says the author. And he should know: despite extensive experience as both homilist and homiletics professor, for four years he's also participated in a sermon critique group. In the weekly group, the author and several other priests submit tapes and transcripts of their previous week's sermon to each other, to a journalist, and to a systematic theologian; then all meet to discuss what works, what doesn't, why, and how the homily can better become a part of the community's prayer. The result is this "nuts-and-bolts" book that shows how to make any sermon better. Practical and realistic, the book explains what a homily is and what it is not, how to prepare to write, how to begin and end sermons, how to use stories and props, how to preach about sin, and how to edit. The book also shares the moving testimony of what it means to be a bearer of God's word. Clear, simple and honest, Preaching Better is for preachers of all faiths, priests and ministers, seminarians, deacons, ministers-in-training, students of homiletics, parish staffs, liturgy- and homily-planning groups. It's also interesting reading for anyone who has ever wanted to know what goes on "behind the scenes" in the writing of a sermon.Ken Untener
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