Praying with Young People: Tips for Catechists (Catechist's Guides)


Praying with Young People: Tips for Catechists (Catechist's Guides)
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ISBN: 9780809144013
This book, by a seasoned catechetical director, offers Scripture-based prayer suggestions that begin with the catechist's own prayer life before being applied to suggestions for the young people under the catechist's care. This book has three goals: (1) to empower the catechist to effectively lead children in prayer using multiple activities; (2) to assist young people to experience prayer as communication and bonding with God and one another; (3) to help young people see the connection between learning about God, being in communion with God and living disciples of Jesus Christ. Prayer suggestions are offered for the catechist and then for children, broken down into different age groups from preschool through adolescence. 150127 Maureen Gallagher

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