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Praying with the Saints: Making Their Prayers Your Own

Praying with the Saints: Making Their Prayers Your Own

This intimate collection of prayers invites readers to pray with the saints using words they wrote or prayed themselves. Featuring more than two hundred prayers, this prayer book also offers brief biographical material on each of the ninety-five saints included, allowing the reader to learn about the lives of the saints while connecting with them on an intimate level through prayer.

By praying with St. Francis to praise the goodness of the Lord or with St. Edith Stein to express her passionate love of God, readers can get in touch with not only the human side of the saints, but also the deeper, richer prayer life. In the daily events of everyday life, readers can forge a connection to the saints and to God through heartfelt, faith-filled prayer.Koenig-br, Woodeene Koenig-Bricker

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