Prayer-Moments for Every Day of the Year


Prayer-Moments for Every Day of the Year
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ISBN: 9781893757646
Do you feel that you don't have enough time to pray during the day because you can't break away long enough to say long formal prayers with the proper posture or in the right place? Yet, praying is simply raising one's mind and heart to God. And this can be done in a matter of a few seconds or minutes, any place, any time.

In Prayer-Moments for Every Day of the Year, Mary Kathleen Glavich offers a vast collection of one sentence prayers, or mantras, organized in categories. Drawing from the Bible, the saints, and the liturgy, she builds a treasure house of short prayers for every need, for every expression of human emotion and of divine love.

The prayers can be personalized by underlining them or writing in the margins. Carry this little book with you wherever you go. In the back of it you'll find space for recording original or favorite mantras. 159144 Mary Kathleen Glavich, Sister Mary Kathleen Glavich Snd


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