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Pope Francis as Moral Leader

Pope Francis as Moral Leader

Pope Francis as Moral Leader describes and analyzes the contribution of Pope Francis as an ethicist, a practitioner of discernment, a skilled communicator, and a strong advocate for social justice on the global stage. It highlights Francis's leadership qualities and the ethical achievements of his papacy as he appeals to ethical values and proposes teachings and practices that embody mercy and justice for the church and world.


"Less than a week into his papacy, Francis revealed a great deal about the priorities, strategies, and style that characterizes the leadership he would exercise throughout his subsequent years in office…. While space does not allow comprehensive coverage of every imaginable item of relevance, my wager is that the reader will emerge with a solid appreciation for the major approaches and most important achievements of Francis relating to his moral leadership."
—from the introduction

"Massaro provides a compelling assessment of Pope Francis's legacy for the Christian moral life and an illuminating framework for the discernment and collaboration necessary to advance justice and peace."
—Marcus Mescher, associate professor of Christian ethics, Xavier University

"Pope Francis as Moral Leader is an excellent contribution to Massaro's ongoing analysis of the contributions of Pope Francis to Catholic social teaching. The book notes that while Francis's teachings have strong undercurrents of spirituality, pastoral sensitivity, and a devotional tone, the major element of his style of leadership is most strongly revealed through servant leadership, humility, and vulnerability. It presents a different and helpful way of understanding the pope's many unique moral insights."
—Thomas A. Shannon, professor emeritus, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Thomas Massaro
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