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Pizza: Easy Recipes for Great Homemade Pizzas, Focaccia, and Calzones

by Scicolone & Scicolone , Michele Scicolone, Charles Scicolone

Pizza: Easy Recipes for Great Homemade Pizzas, Focaccia, and Calzones
Publication date: 2007-04-03
Number of pages: 224
ISBN: 9780517229316
Pizza is one of the most classic dishes, and everyone has a favorite slice. Some prefer deep-dish, others love unusual combinations of toppings, and still others will only eat a pristine, classic slice. Finally, here is a book for everyone. Charles and Michele Scicolone’s PIZZA has nearly 100 recipes for all different kinds of pizzas, including deep-dish, filled, cornmeal-crusted, and white pizza, as well as foccacia, calzones, and flatbread. This is the perfect book for anyone who wants to learn the delectable art of home-made pizza.
This sumptuous cookbook starts off with an introduction to the main ingredients and equipment needed for pizza-making, with a thorough breakdown of all the many cheeses, flours, and meats; then moves on to a primer on making pizza dough, by hand or with a machine. And then… the pizzas! Recipes include:
·Pizza Margherita
·Peperoni Pepperoni Pizza
·White Clam Pizza
·Fig and Taleggio Pizza
·Sausage and Cheese Deep-Dish Pizza
·Eggplant and Provolone Filled Pizza

Rounding out this comprehensive pizza book are recipes for pizza accompaniments, sections on pizza history and trivia, suggested complementary wines and desserts, and a list of the Scicolones’ favorite pizzerias in the United States and Italy.
For anyone who has longed to learn the secrets of a delectable homemade pizza pie, here is the perfect book. Filled with tips and tricks, clear instructions and nearly 100 recipes, it will help anyone make authentic, creative, delicious pizzas at home!Scicolone & Scicolone, Michele Scicolone, Charles Scicolone