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Pepita, the Girl who Needed to Fly

Pepita, the Girl who Needed to Fly

By Gracia Iglesias

Pepita, the Girl Who Needed to Fly is a fun story that serves a serious purpose of teaching young children to accept themselves and others for who they are. Pepita would soar all over the place and her parents went after her time after time. Concerned the day would come when they would not be able to retrieve her, Pepita's family tries to weigh her down with heavy clothing and by tethering her to a string, all to no avail. But when they keep her indoors, even with all the books and games she could want, Pepita is miserable. And with all the delicious food they give her to eat so she will gain weight, Pepita instead withers away to the point of almost disappearing altogether. Only a strong wind could save her then and only her safe return convinces her family of the truth: when you love a person, you let her be free to fly!

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