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Pep Talks for Catechists

Pep Talks for Catechists

Every catechist could use a spiritual pep talk now and then. This empowering booklet is full of good advice and practical wisdom gained from decades of experience in classrooms and parishes. Honest, sympathetic, and prayerful, it s like sitting down with a knowledgeable friend who assures catechists that they re doing just fine, really. But Sister Janet also offers gentle guidance, showing how a simple tweak or new approach can help catechists deal with those days when we may feel overwhelmed or unable to communicate. She also shows us why I don t know is sometimes the very best answer to give, and how a catechist s role is not to bring God to people (God s already there) but to surround students with experiences of his love. Both beginners and experienced catechists will find spiritual refreshment and insight here, as they uncover the exciting new possibilities God waits to offer in this sacred ministry.OP; Janet Schaeffler, Janet Schaeffler
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