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Parish Finance: Best Practices in Church Management

Parish Finance: Best Practices in Church Management

Most Catholic parishes struggle with basic financial issues like budgeting, internal financial controls, and financial planning. Canon law places the responsibility for parish finances squarely on the lap of the pastor; but pastors typically are not versed in financial matters -- their gifts reside elsewhere. Lacking training on these important topics, many parishes employ a parish business manager, but their background and competence in addressing these critical issues varies widely. Church leaders at all levels need a single comprehensive source, written in a style that they can understand, to guide them through the steps needed to ensure an effective, as well as an accountable and transparent, financial process.
This book delivers on all of these needs.
It promises to be:

1. Practical... Provides outcome-oriented solutions. The book not only teaches concepts but provides solutions for ministers on the go.

2. Accessible... Clarifies key terminology, offers easy-to-use templates, and turns complex concepts into action-oriented tools.

3. Best-in-Class... Offers proven methods that provide the foundation for techniques and tactics that can be used in everyday situations.

4. Interactive Uses examples throughout the book based on actual challenges and common questions relevant to parish life. The material is intended for readers to engage by practicing the concepts and trying out the tools.

5. Resourceful... Provides readers meaningful resources for further study.

This book will serve as an indispensable one-stop guide to understanding parish finances.Michael J. Castrilli, Charles E. Zech, Foreword by Donald Cardinal Wuerl
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