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From apple cider (Genesis) to bloody Caesars (Revelation), Matthew Anderson’s offering of vintage biblical texts paired with alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks reveals a rich complexity of scholarship while remaining satisfyingly easy on the palate. Pairings opens up generous undertones of prophetic justice and plush and full-bodied humour. Whether it be the book of Ruth, the Gospel of Matthew, or the Psalms of Contrition, peppery life observations and fragrant historical notes are kept superbly balanced, allowing a satisfyingly long finish of scriptural understanding.

Pairings: The Bible & Booze can be imbibed on your own or as part of a group Bible study or book club. Drink recipes are matched to each of the ten chosen biblical texts. Should these “samplers” whet your thirst for more, suggestions for further reading are provided at the end of each chapter. Whether you’re a connoisseur or just in it for the tasting, there’s something in this BYOBible for you!

“Matthew Anderson proves himself as the bartender of biblical bevvies, offering a refreshing scriptural spritzer for the 21st century. His biblical boozy pairings are a sparkling cocktail of insight, wisdom and humour.” —DR KATIE EDWARDS, author, broadcaster and biblical scholar

Matthew R. Anderson
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