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Our Catholic Symbols: Our Rich Spiritual Heritage

Our Catholic Symbols: Our Rich Spiritual Heritage

As Catholics, our relationship with God involves literally hundreds of symbols.

We take them for granted and hardly notice when others don t get it, including those we teach. Consider for example words like crucifix, tabernacle, altar, holy water, the stations, saints, chalice, and vestments. Once we step outside our Catholic culture and take a good look at our symbolic words, we realize what a rich and sometimes mysterious language we have.

Here Michael Daley offers a fascinating and informative overview for catechists and teachers of our symbolic language. He breaks these down into core symbols of Catholicism, symbolic persons from Scripture, saints as symbolic persons, virtues, Christian symbols, and symbols of the Mass. Each chapter includes questions for review and reflection, activities for learners, and a prayer starter.

This is a must-have resource for anyone who teaches about the faith or just plain wants to know more about it. Catechists and teachers will love it.Michael Daley

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