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Opening the Doors to Truth and Love: Teen Prayer Services

by S. Kevin Regan

Opening the Doors to Truth and Love: Teen Prayer Services
Publication date: 2005-07-01
Number of pages: 96
ISBN: 9781585955091
Opening Doors of Truth and Love is a response to the challenge to help young people find God and a gospel-based prayer life. The stories, prayers, questions, and Scripture readings in it are offered to support youth ministers, DREs, catechists, teachers, retreat directors, and parish leaders in their efforts to bring Christ¹s truth and love into the lives of their teenagers. The themes that shape these services include self-identity, uniqueness, friendship, community, the lure of alcohol and other drugs, sexuality, love, death, grieving, prayer, listening, care for the environment, peacemaking, service, vocation, and dreams. The opportunity for conversation with God in prayer is woven throughout. Opening Doors of Truth and Love invites teenagers to pray in reverent yet contemporary ways based on sound theological principles. It recognizes that our young people are indeed searching for God and for a lived witness to the gospel.S. Kevin Regan