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One Last Thing

by Gerry Turcotte

One Last Thing
Publication date: 2022-03-01
ISBN: 9782898300448

In One Last Thing, award-winning columnist Gerry Turcotte wrestles with the complexities of everyday life, musing on the ordinary and the extraordinary, and on the power of faith to carry us through both joyous and more challenging times. These reflections touch on the importance of social justice, the power of words, the scourge of racism and the joy of belief, in essays that are filled with humour, compassion and hope. In this book the reader will find connections between the great and small, from gardening to disappearing statues, desire paths to cosmic forces, reminding us that every last thing is sacred.

“These reflections reveal a way Christian tradition continues to speak meaningfully to a world that is less than enamoured with organized religion. They are a humble but powerful witness to the enduring necessity of faith to be fully human.”—Joseph Sinasac, from the Foreword

Gerry Turcotte