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On Fasting and Feasts, PPS50 (Popular Patristics)

by St. Basil the Great; , St Basil the Great, Mark DelCogliano, Susan R. Holman

On Fasting and Feasts, PPS50 (Popular Patristics)
Publication date: 2013-12-02
Number of pages: 141
ISBN: 9780881414806
Saint Basil of Caesarea (c. 329-378/9 CE) was a monk, bishop, preacher, theologian, and social activist who had very down-to-earth views about eating, drinking, fasting, and feasts in honor of local martyrs. In this new collection of sermon translations most offered here in English for the first time Basil addresses such issues as drunkenness, hesitations over baptism, community benefits of fasting, how to be thankful when facing loss and disaster, and the mystery of the incarnation. Also included are three sermons on local martyrs Julitta, Mamas, and Barlaam. This small volume of elegant translations will be a vital and valued resource for anyone interested in religion and the body, early Christian spiritual disciplines, and their application to the Church today.St. Basil the Great;, St Basil the Great, Mark DelCogliano, Susan R. Holman

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