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On Becoming Bread

On Becoming Bread

When we’re caught up in our hectic schedules, it’s easy to overlook all the ways that God is with us and all the signs of grace that surround us. Mary Marrocco has spent her ministry watching for these signs, and in On Becoming Bread she invites us to step back and take a few minutes every day to remember and be refreshed by them. God became bread for us, she says, and every day God is revealing ways we can become bread for one another, if only we remember to look around and see! Steeped in Scripture, sound theology, and delight in daily life, these inspiring reflections look at “body and soul,” “suffering, dying, and death,” “hope, healing, and joy,” and much more. On Becoming Bread will nourish the prayer and revive the spirits of anyone in ministry, and anyone looking for reminders of all the ways God calls to us—every day of our lives.Mary Marrocco
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