by Sherri Auger , Barbara Wickens

Publication date: 2010-05-01
Number of pages: 160
ISBN: 9782896468812

A practical and comprehensive guide for dealing with end-of-life events. Delicate decisions - both big and small - are made in the days, weeks, and months before and after a loved one's death. This book is an excellent resource for managing this tumultuous time.

Writing from a Catholic perspective, the authors offer advice in a friendly heart-to-heart manner with factual material in easy-to-read short passages for grieving readers. The book explains how and why grief harms functional decision-making; offers suggestions on how to make the best decisions; and concrete examples of working through the steps involved in pre-planning and wrapping up an estate.

Now What? fills an untapped niche in bereavement support and delivers faith-filled, encouraging, and supportive wisdom.

Sherri Auger is founder and president of Estate Matters Inc. and Caring Matters Inc. and is certified as an Elder Planning Counselor, Interfaith Lay Visitor, and Hospice Palliative Care provider.

Barbara Wickens, MA, is a writer and journalist who has written about health, family and financial issues and other topics realted to end-of-life issues. She has worked for several of Canada's leading print media outlets, including Maclean's newsweekly, where she was a writer and editor for over 15 years.


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