My Schooltime Angel

by Cat Darens

My Schooltime Angel
Publication date: 2011-11-30
Number of pages: 18
ISBN: 9780809167593
Even little lives can face stress and challenges sometimes at school. The assurance of God s presence can take the edge off a difficult day and fill a child with confidence, peace, and security. Children will enjoy this gentle book again and again. In addition, it helps to instill a habit of prayer.

Angels are a symbol of God s love, care, and protection
A loving prayer for a positive start to a child s preschool day
A simple way of learning to pray
Encourages beginning family prayer with young children in a comfortable setting
Short verses are easy to memorize, and encourage early word recognition for reading
Perfect companion to My Bedtime Angel, My Morning Angel, and My Playtime Angel 181239 Cat Darens
Printed version available

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