My Grieving Journey Book


My Grieving Journey Book
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ISBN: 9780809166954
Giving Comfort to Every Child

Children from all belief systems and all family situations can use this proven manual for working through the pain of loss. Unlike most other titles, this is neither story nor didactic text; it's a hands-on activity book so children can work their way through the process of grief to find healing.

Ideal for both personal and professional use, this much-needed book--

· pulls kids in at once with its engaging and non-threatening design.

· provides concrete ways to work positively through negative emotions.

· shows how to handle fears, crying, bad dreams, acting out, etc.

· has been child-tested in bereavement centers.

· includes recommendations for parents and caregivers.

· can be used with non-readers as young as five, as well as older children through adolescence.

· embraces children of every faith and every family situation. 115850 Donna Shavatt, Eve Shavatt


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