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Mothers, Sisters, Daughters: Standing on Their Shoulders

by Gateley & Mattucci , Edwina Gateley, Sandra Mattucci

Mothers, Sisters, Daughters: Standing on Their Shoulders
Publication date: 2012-01-25
Number of pages: 192
ISBN: 9781570759505
Portraits of 23 extraordinary women whose lives have made, and continue to make, a lasting impact on our world.

They are saints, mystics, martyrs, reformers, poets, missionaries, environmentalists, and mothers from diverse cultures and countries.

Here are women upon whose shoulders all women stand. Here are their amazing stories, with haunting reflections by the poet Edwina Gateley and revealing biographies and drawings by Sandra Mattucci.Gateley & Mattucci, Edwina Gateley, Sandra Mattucci

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