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Miracle in Motion

Miracle in Motion

By Antonio Martinez


Miracle in Motion is Father TJ's last will and testament to the kids he helped pluck out of the barrios of Houston and put on a path to success they never imagined was possible through education. It is a memoir that teaches by revealing his own failures, disappointments, and struggle to find purpose in his life. Father TJ informs the kids and their parents what hard work can accomplish, but also teaches the elite—the CEOs of large corporations, and the investment bankers, lawyers and accountants who serve them—the value of opening the doors to a better life for all, especially the forgotten smart kids of the ghetto.

Father TJ became a reluctant rock star in Houston and beyond for his efforts, and the message of this book informs us all how to live a more purposeful life and face our fears. It is an ecumenical message-just as the Catholic High School he founded is open to boys and girls of all faiths; the only requirements being poverty and a desire to learn. But even so, at the end of the book and at the end of his life, Father TJ invites his readers to join him in a life of faith; showing how it worked for him, but insisting that it's not a requirement for his love. It is Father TJ's story, but in many ways it is the story of each of us, as we search for meaning and purpose in our lives.

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