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Messages of Perseverance for Lent 2024

Messages of Perseverance for Lent 2024

Three minutes of prayer a day is all it takes to change your life for the better.

In Messages of Perseverance for Lent 2024, Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran offer practical, everyday wisdom for persevering in your journey of faith. They will help you develop the grit and tenacity needed to overcome trials and temptations. Even in the midst of hardship, they encourage you to grow in faith and rely on God’s strength as you persevere toward the joy of Easter.

For each day of Lent and Holy Week 2024, White and Corcoran—the authors of the bestselling and award-winning books Rebuilt and Seriously, God?—offer a verse or two of scripture, a short reflection, and a simple prayer prompt that will help you draw closer to God. While each devotion can be completed in as few as three minutes, you’ll reap the comfort and inspiration the words bring throughout the day.

Michael White, Tom Corcoran
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