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Meeting St. Paul Today: Understanding the Man, His Mission, and His Message

by Daniel J. Harrington , Daniel J. Harrington SJ

Meeting St. Paul Today: Understanding the Man, His Mission, and His Message
Publication date: 2008-08-01
Number of pages: 160
ISBN: 9780829427349

A Clear and Compelling Portrait of Paul from One of the Church’s Leading Scholars

The teachings of St. Paul infuse just about everything Christians believe and practice, yet most people know very little about this great apostle of the Church.
In Meeting St. Paul Today, one of the most respected scholars in the Catholic faith, Daniel Harrington, SJ, brings Paul and his teachings to life. Harrington, who writes with great admiration for the apostle and his ministry, covers three main topics in this helpful and highly readable book for any discerning Christian. First, he describes what Paul was really like, from his days as a Pharisee to his arduous years as a missionary. Second, he thoughtfully surveys the specific purpose, major points, and other compelling particulars of each epistle. Finally, he helps readers properly interpret Paul’s letters through literary, historical, and theological lenses.
With Father Harrington as your guide, you’ll come to know Paul like never before and, as a result, to understand fully the mission to which he devoted his life and the message he proclaimed to the world.

Daniel J. Harrington, Daniel J. Harrington SJ