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Mass Appeal set of 3

Mass Appeal set of 3

Mass Appeal is an award-winning series by author Glenn Byer.

26 Ordinary Ways to Live the Liturgy

*Winner of the 2018 CPA Book Awards for Liturgy*
In this first book of the Series, Byer invites us to consider how we participate in the celebration of the Eucharist and how our weekly celebration shapes and forms our life. Byer approaches each of the twenty-six ways to live the liturgy through every-day skills that we can hone, such as keeping silence, being a truly cheerful giver, praying, walking, and singing. Personal stories, reflection questions, and biblical references are found in every chapter.

Unlocking the Feasts and Seasons of the Liturgical Year

*Second place for the 2019 CPA Book Awards for Liturgy*
Continuing the invitation to full participation in the liturgy, Glenn Byer elucidates the holy times and events (such as major liturgical feasts as well as saints’ days, weekdays and civic holidays); Holy people (such as ourselves, angels, the living, the dead); and Holy places and things (such as shrines, relics, the cross, sacred images, pets, and skills) – all these are opportunities for drawing closer to God through prayer.

Living the Liturgy of the Word

In this final book of the Mass Appeal series, author Glenn Byer works from the premise that the Liturgy of the Word needs to be rediscovered. By understanding how God speaks, and how we communicate, he will help people get more out of the Word at Mass.

Glenn Byer has an extensive background in liturgy. He has worked as a seminary professor, parish minister, and, as the associate publisher at Novalis. He is the author and co-author of many books published by Novalis, including the bestselling book, Via Lucis.

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