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A Maryknoll Liturgical Year: Reflections on the Readings for Year B

by Judy Coode , Kathy McNeely , Kathy McNeely

A Maryknoll Liturgical Year: Reflections on the Readings for Year B
Publication date: 2014-10-10
Number of pages: 208
ISBN: 9781626980884
Reflections by Maryknoll missioners relate the Sunday Gospel readings to the world of the poor and marginalized.
Maryknoll missioners bring a special perspective to their reading of the Gospels. From their immersion among the poor in many cultures around the world they witness daily stories of live, faith, and hope that open new angles on Jesus' message and its meaning for our world.
In this book, which follows the Sunday readings for the liturgical year, Maryknoll sisters, priests, brothers, and lay missioners share personal reflections on the gospel in light of their mission experiences. Their stories of compassion, generosity, and forgiveness illuminate the scriptural texts, while also enlarging our solidarity with the human family. The experience of these missioners has enriched their faith. Reading their reflections will enrich your own.Judy Coode, Kathy McNeely

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