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Mark and Empire: Feminist Reflections

Mark and Empire: Feminist Reflections

"The journey to Galilee, where Mark's Jesus said he would meet us, lies open on roads across the globe."
Laurel Cobb's career of social work and advocacy on behalf of the disadvantaged in emerging countries around the globe inform this powerful book on the Gospel of Mark. Cobb combines academic insights into scripture with personal experiences of social inequities and a strongly articulated argument for resistance against Empire (then and now) as a crucial component of any life of Christian discipleship.
Using her personal experiences of faith, economic struggle in the face of a globalized consumer culture dictated from the United States, and gender inequality, Cobb asks the reader to view one's own responsibilities to a world in need of resistance against imperial power in all its forms through the lens of Mark's Gospel; such reisitance is needed today as much as when Jesus stood against Empire twenty centuries ago.Laurel Cobb;, Laurel Cobb
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